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Telephone Surveys and Support Operations (Call Center)

NORC's Information Technology program provides technology services to our staff and clients. Given the critical role technology plays in our day-to-day lives, we are committed to providing professional, high-quality solutions in order to further our collective goal of advancing important, objective research.

Infrastructure, Security, and Operations (ISO)

ISO is responsible for critical foundational systems such as servers, storage, and network infrastructure; Key process areas such as security and business continuity; Productivity tools for users; Helpdesk and support services; and, administrative systems to support functions such as finance and HR.

IT Project Services (ITPS)

ITPS delivers technology expertise and staffing for all projects with an IT component. The department consists of project managers, business analysts, software developers, and data programmers who collaborate on internal and external projects. The team provides IT project management, business and technical requirements documentation, quality assurance planning and testing, customized software development, sample loading, and data transformations/cleaning services.

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